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Reflecting on Recruitment Yarns 2016

I have now had just over a month to reflect on what was a fantastic inaugural Recruitment Yarns tour. Having travelled to eight different cities I have met many recruiters from across the country, each with their own stories of challenges and successes.

What I learned during my Recruitment Yarns journey is that these events create an open environment for business owners to not only learn from industry leaders, but to learn from each other as well. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, Recruitment Yarns provides a forum that is conducive to business owners having honest discussions with each other, sharing their stories of triumph and tribulation.

One of the things that I really enjoyed at Recruitment Yarns was having business owners at my table raise a problem they were facing in their business, only to have another business owner say “we went through that last year, this is what we did….” It was really positive to see business owners sharing knowledge and learning from other business owners who have been in that situation before.

Some of the challenges that were frequently raised by business owners at my table included:

  • How to get streamlined systems that will cope with business growth 
  • How to get reliable data to correctly calculate margins 
  • How to get access to the level of reporting you require from your payroll and accounting provider/s 
  • How to ensure your payroll is processed and invoices raised correctly without you having to spend precious time constantly liaising back and forth with your payroll/invoicing provider 
  • How to hold your payroll/accounting provider accountable to ensure they are not putting you or your business at risk

I’m delighted that Recruitment Yarns has enabled me to help business owners overcome these challenges among others. I’m really looking forward to doing it all again in 2017!

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David Payne