The Accounting Department corporate services


A full service accounting department with a team of specialists is what every business owner needs looking after them to survive today’s complex business environment and also achieve rapid growth. This is one of the findings of David Payne, our founder, who spent almost a decade as an insolvency practitioner seeing how a lot of business owners don’t put in place the right team of people to look after the day to day cashflow of their business because they simply cannot afford it.

With a strong background in systems improvement, David Payne had a vision to set up a shared service that, through scalability, could provide multiple businesses with an accounting department at less than the cost of employing the same people in house.

Our goal is to help business owners prosper by providing high-level management (internal) accountancy and management expertise, on-call as required. We have done this by strictly focussing on two key sectors and developing niche expertise that uses best-practice methods.

We use multiple IT platforms, utilising the most appropriate applications for individual clients. For those that choose higher service levels from us, we unify all data on a single, real-time platform to provide unsurpassed reporting and management capabilities.

Owners should barely even notice the efficient and effortless running of their business finances, so they can focus on developing the enterprise into all it can be.

Our People

David Payne CA

Chief Executive Officer

David founded The Accounting Department (formerly Book Builders) in 2008 after identifying an opportunity to provide business owners with the right people and systems for the day to day management of their businesses, thereby enabling them to succeed. As a Chartered Accountant with over 25 years accounting, finance and payroll experience including roles as the Chief Financial Officer of four successful health and labour hire companies, David not only understands business, but also knows that business owners who have the right team behind them will be successful.


Fiona Williams FCCA

Management Accountant

Fiona joined The Accounting Department in 2011 and she is the Financial Controller for The Accounting Department. Having run her own successful company previously, she has a deep empathy for business owners. Fiona understands how important it is to have your cash flow at its optimal level and to be confident that the financials are being looked after to allow focus to be put on developing the business.

When she’s not at work you will find Fiona crabbing in Mandurah, chasing her kids and perfecting her Aussie accent.


Nashwa El Hosseny Dip Acc

Assistant Accountant

Nashwa joined The Accounting Department in March 2011. Her role encompasses showing clients exactly what’s going on in their business through their financial reports and keeping their accounts under control. Nashwa considers herself to be “obsessive” about getting things right. When she’s not at work you will find Nashwa spending time with her family, going on road trips or enjoying a lazy relaxing day.


Harriet Barber BSc [Hons]


Since joining the firm as an Assistant Accountant in 2014, Harriet has gained experience in all aspects of business financial management and has found her methodical nature invaluable in her role. Her obsession with list writing has proved rather useful! When Harriet is not at work you will find her catching up on the latest movies and TV shows.


Christine Brown Dip Acc

Payroll Consulting Manager

Christine joined The Accounting Department in August 2014 as a Payroll Officer. With her dedication to ensure all clients’ payroll is processed accurately and in a timely manner, she loves to meet with clients and assist with their enquiries. When Christine is not working you will find her riding her bike “Trudy” with her kids along the coast trying to find a great café.


Courtney Atkinson BA [Hons]

Marketing Coordinator

Courtney joined The Accounting Department as Marketing Coordinator in early 2014. With a love of talking and telling stories, Courtney is passionate about helping business owners communicate their messages through multiple media channels. When she’s not in the office you will find her at social gatherings, spending time with her much loved dog Molly, and cheering on the Fremantle Dockers as they chase that elusive premiership!


Joshua Brooker

Accounts & Payroll Officer

Joshua joined The Accounting Department as a Payroll Officer in March 2018. He loves to see a project through from start to finish, ensuring he is as thorough and accurate as possible. Joshua has an affinity for numbers and enjoys upskilling himself in accounting and payroll practices, frequenting the CA and TAPS newsletters. Out of office hours, Joshua likes to go out with friends, look after his car and listen to his eclectic taste in music.

Kate Cordwell BAcct

Assistant Accountant

Kate joined the team as an Assistant Accountant in September 2016 after moving to Western Australia from Mackay, Queensland. She is passionate about getting things right the first time so that her clients feel assured that their financial statements are being looked after. Kate is very organised and takes a very logical approach to her work. In her spare time you will find her cheering on the North Queensland Cowboys and enjoying the outdoors with all that Perth has to offer.


Danielle Green BCom

Accounting & Payroll Analyst

Danielle joined The Accounting Department in November 2016 as a Payroll Officer. With a love of numbers and a high ability to perform under pressure, she loves to ensure all her clients' needs are met in a timely manner. When she’s not in the office you will find her dancing at her local dance studio or relaxing by the pool with her family.


Astri Boen BCom

Payroll & Accounts Officer

Astri joined The Accounting Department as a Payroll Officer in late April 2017. She loves to complete tasks to the best of her ability and to work hard to ensure accuracy, and produce quality work. She has always loved dealing with numbers (especially when figures balance!). When Astri is not at work you’ll find her catching up with friends, singing out loud at concerts/festivals or catching up with her favourite tv shows.